September 12, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

I just have a lot of thoughts right now. Many probably not so nice. But it's how I feel. Okay so they aren't nice but what am I to do? I guess I will write on my blog. 

I feel like I have no one I can relate with. I'm kind of in that weird stage of life. I'll be 32 in a couple months and I have no kids [at home]. I know, I know--only weird if you are a Mormon--which I am. The only people I honestly feel like I can relate to are the singles. And yes, I'm talking about the Mormon Singles. Why do I feel like I have most in common with them? Well because their life sucks and so does mine. (Yes I just said that.) Oh, and I'm not talking about those girls who are 20 or 25 and single. (Oh boo hoo you're 25 and not married.) I'm talking about the mid-singles. (Ya know, those who are my age or maybe a little older.) 

So here's what went down a couple of weeks ago... A lady from another ward came into our Relief Society to make an announcement about a marriage class that would be starting up. She made a point to say that only those who are married can attend the class and both the wife and the husband must come together or they shouldn't come at all. After she gave her reasoning I totally understood what she meant. Nevertheless, after RS, one of our mid-single girls started a conversation with an older, married member of our ward about how she was offended that the marriage class was only for those who were married...blah blah blah. When I first heard that something like that would hurt someone's feelings I thought, "well what are we supposed to do? There's lots of church activities--some of them are for married couples and some of them are for single people." 

Then the next night I remembered a lesson we had a couple of weeks ago in Relief Society. It was about teaching our children. I honestly wanted to puke throughout the entire lesson. And who are the only other ones who might be feeling the same way? Yup--the mid singles.

Okay, so I'm not the only married girl without children [at home]. But I really think I'm the oldest without children [at home]. Just saying I totally get why the mid-single girl was offended.

Man that was a long story but I feel better telling it.


  1. You know what, you write really well! I think you should write a book about your story sometime down the road. im sorry, even though I can totally understand why you feel that way, i know I can't relate. But i don't agree that your life sucks, maybe your situation sucks but that all depends on how you look at it. Call me anytime, even if you think i can't relate to you. I'm a good listener. I think. I love you!

  2. I love that you just tell it like it is. And I have thought that a lot of times too when I think about my unmarried sister in law who is almost 30, how both of our lives suck. But then I remember that at least I have someone for it to suck with. haha (and that is besides the fact that I have other kids) I think we all have "life sucks" moments.

  3. Maybe your life would be less sucky if you auditioned for the next season of Masterchef!! Think about it, seriously.

  4. Yeah! I want to see you on Masterchef!


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