February 2, 2012

Did He Know

Did Joshua know he would only be staying here a very short time? Did God Tell him that his Earthly Mission would last only a few weeks?

As we were making the decision in the PICU to take him off Life Support, my sister asserted, "Right before Joshua was born, God said to him, 'Now Joshua, I am only sending you down there for a little while, and then I need you right back up here where you belong'..." 

Whether or not that really happened, I suppose that Heaven is definitely the place where Joshua belongs right now.


  1. I totally believe that these angels knew their time on earth would be short. I think we all have an idea of what our mission/trials/joys/struggles with be before we left for earth. Just my beliefs though, who really knows!

  2. This post reminds me so much of a post I wrote on my blog about the moment my girl slipped away.



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