January 4, 2012

Why Don't You Have 10 Kids Yet

By Kaci Goodrich Uipi

Here's a little something funny... or maybe not. (At least I'm now laughing about it.)

While in Utah my sister Kelley decided we should go to the beauty college to be pampered (or something like that). So as we were sitting there getting manicures (which BTW don't EVER get manicures at a beauty school. TRUST ME.) Kelley's student kept going on and on about how she has 7 kids and her life is so busy. She then made a comment about "not being that old" and "only being a few years older than this girl over there". (She said this while pointing her finger in my direction.) She then added, "Yeah, where are your 10 kids!?" Trying to be polite I responded with, "Oh, well I didn't get married till I was about 28."

Now here comes the funny part... When we got home later that day, I reminded my sister of the rude remark her student said to me. Kelley exclaimed, "Kaci! She wasn't even talking to you! I was so shocked when you answered her because she was talking to the girl behind you!" I still didn't believe that her student was talking to someone other than me, but I finally decided to move on and just go with it. 

Let me just add one more thing... I was SO close to saying to her, "Why don't I have 10 kids yet!? Well it's a little hard to have 10 kids when you don't get married until you are 28 and then your first baby dies!!" Yeah...that would have shown her!

(PS--I have never thought that 28 is an old age for marriage. I know people that do, which is another story for another time.)


  1. A-I would have never thought you were 28 in your wedding pic, you look like a teeny bopper, in a GREAT way! :) And that is too funny, especially if she wasn't talking to you. And if it would have been me I am afraid the comment you were thinking would have been what I said....I love saying awkward things to strangers! :0

  2. 28 isn't old, unless you live in Mormonland, Utah, USA.


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