November 3, 2011

This Is What Joshua Is Doing

I thought I'd answer my own question, and tell you exactly what Joshua is doing...

He's very busy at appointments--teaching eager investigators. (He also has some that aren't quite so eager to learn, but hey--that's life.)

He occasionally spies on me. (I think most of the time he approves.)

He's meeting a lot of interesting people. Of course they're all good. Of course some of them are girls. (Now, I know you think I'm crazy to think that there's any chance he could possibly have any type of "feelings" for anybody... uhh hello--he's still a male.) 

He likes finding other people who were also hooked up to tons of tubes and ended up dying in a hospital. Ya know, they talk about how annoying it was to have all those tubes in them and especially the one down their throat, constantly gagging them. (But out of respect to their mothers, they don't laugh about it--even if now they think it's funny.)

Joshua always makes good decisions. He's one of those super-valiant-obedient-types. (I know what your'e thinking, but it's not always that simple--he still has to make decisions.) 

He's learning a lot about Tonga. (Hmm, I think he even goes to visit every so often.)

He runs into famous people all the time, but doesn't think anything of it. (I mean, he still acts impressed.)


  1. You are too funny...but its probably all correct! Completely a different perceptive then down here.


  2. You also forgot to mention that he is playing football. Remember when you were trying to name him and I said, "Josh Uipi! Sounds like a star quarterback's name."

  3. Kaci, I've been trying to leave a comment on your blog for at least 3 weeks now. I don't know what is wrong with my computer/blog account, but it is ridiculous. I guess I just wasn't meant to tell you the things I was trying to tell you.
    But I am really feeling love toward you. I found out about what happened when Kristen blogged about it. I sat down to read it and sobbed and sobbed as I held my own sweet baby boy, just a few weeks old. I held him as tight as I could feeling so guilty that I had my son and you were being given a trial that caused you to lose your son. I can't describe what I am feeling. It is kind of like a deep connection to you. I don't know what you must feel on a daily basis, but I can only imagine how hard it must be just to get by.
    I'm grateful to have found your blog because of the way you say things. You don't hold back, and not only is that helpful for you, but for me also. I know how to act now, because you have told me what I didn't know.
    Thank you so much! I hope that as the anniversary of his death comes around you will feel his love and the love of our Saviour, because he truly knows how you are feeling. You and Salesi are amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Do you think him and P are BF's too? Like us? ;) I'd like to think so. That'd be pretty cool!


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