October 9, 2011

Living The Life In Vegas

WARNING: This post contains an overload of photos. Yup. If you were wondering what I really looked like, then now you will know.

For Joshua's 1st birthday, we decided to celebrate it in Las Vegas. I hadn't been back since I lived there, which has been almost 10 years! And boy, has it changed! New hotels crowding the streets, malls on every corner, and naked pictures every where you look. Oh wait, I guess some things are still the same.

I wasn't sure what Salesi would think of Las Vegas. For those of you that don't know him, let's just say that he's the kind of guy that likes to read his scriptures for 10 hours a day. Okay, maybe not that long, but seriously--he will only let me watch PG rated movies. Seriously.

So as far as Salesi goes, I'm not sure if he will be heading back to Sin City anytime soon. As for me, on the other hand--I love the great variety of restaurants and shops, but yeah, there really was a lot of yucky pictures everywhere you looked.

Okay. Now on to the exciting stuff. I'm sure you are all dying to know everything we did while we were there. So, here ya go...

We ate dinner at Thomas Keller's "Bouchon".

(Sorry, really bad picture... I didn't take it!) I actually wrote a really long critique of the restaurant, but then deleted it after realizing that most of you probably won't care. (Shame on you non-foodies, or non-"food snobs" as my sisters call me it.)

We took pictures in front of giant corn ears.

We ate overpriced Chinese food.
We took pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. (Aka our hotel.)

We took more pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower.

We watched dancing fountains.

We ate french pastries.

We ate some more french pastries. (It was kind of a daily ritual.)

We learned French.
We saw The Lion King.
We found a H & M with more manikins in the store than real people.

Salesi thought about getting some new style.

Salesi marched with protesters.
We stayed in a red room for only 46 bucks a night! (Thank you Priceline, and an even greater thank you to the lady at the front desk who upgraded our room for free!)

We ate some more over-priced food. (Sorry, too tired for hair and makeup.)
We took pictures of ceilings.
We ate at a lousy all-you-can-eat ("french") buffet. (Don't go there! The Bellagio's has got to be better!)

We took more pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower.
We listened to talking trees.
And we helped this old man sweep the Parisian streets.

Besides being extra tired and achy, and having an emotional break down our last night (which now I know is from having battled Valley Fever the past 3 weeks), all in all it was a good trip, and I'm glad I went.

(Now I just have to figure out what I'm actually going to do tomorrow, on Joshua's REAL birthday...)


  1. I like all the pictures. I was wondering what you looked like. Now I know. It looks like you had fun. Valley fever??? Wow. You should write reviews about restaurants, etc. on Trip Advisor. It's a great website. I write a lot of reviews on there.

  2. Fun fun trip! haha about wondering what you look like...you have pics on your side bar they are just small. :) Lots of food huh? We are heading out on a cruise here soon and it will be lots of that too, not quite as much variety.
    Oh what to do tomorrow. I can't even imagine. Right know it is like twice a month that I do the birth date/ and death date saga. I wonder if after you hit the year mark it wont be as frequent. I have hard days every month on the 12th and the 25th. Hopefully you can think of something extra fun/special to do! :)


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