September 4, 2011

A New Place

By Kaci Goodrich Uipi

We recently moved to a new town. As we packed up the final boxes at our old place, I became a little sad thinking that we would never be back there. It was the one and only home in which we had Joshua. Even though he never actually slept in the room I decorated for him (all with custom made pillows, crib bumper, bed skirt, and the cutest artwork you've ever seen), it's still sad that we will never again be inside of the only house that smelled and sounded like Joshua. Inside of that house contain the only (good) memories I have of him. (Other than at the pediatrician's office and the hospital--but I don't like to remember those so much.)

When I shared my feelings with Salesi, he said, "That's okay. We'll buy it when the owners foreclose." Awe...gotta love him. And even more--gotta love the fact that he never reads my blog so I can write about him!

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